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Aug 27

Here is the video my rant is about:

This is quite the read, but I hope some of you will give it a shot. These are my personal thoughts on the matter, and being native, I think my words are much more kind than those of others I’ve seen so far.

This woman, is probably the most ignorant woman I have ever seen. The only way she is making Natives angry is by being so incredibly stupid, and THE most racist person I have ever encountered; online, or otherwise. Here is a video of a woman who knows pretty much nothing about our history, or culture. She repeatedly uses the words “corrosive,” “genocide,” and “racist” in hopes to get her point across & make us seem like we’re in the wrong. Using ugly words doesn’t make you right, it makes you weak. It shows the only way she can attempt to make people believe her is fear, and negativity. Saying “there was no genocide,” sure, lots of people died from those diseases, but those people who died in foreign countries, were not given the illness intentionally on blankets given to them through trade in hopes of working together with another race who were new to the country. We took the government to court not for money, but in hopes to make what happened to our people noticed & rectified in some kind way. In my opinion, it is much better than Native people waging war & going around murdering white people in hopes to even the score. It was done in a civil manner, which was not a courtesy we were given many years ago. I am not denying there are lots of Natives who are ignorant to white people and do violent, and ignorant things. Hate crimes from Native people to white people are a very real thing, which sucks, but it is the truth. The white people’s attempt to assimilate us many years ago in residential schools, was not some fucking walk in the park. They were taken as children, away from their families, and forced to live in some kind of group home setting; where disobedience and speaking in their native tongues was recognized with beatings, and other forms of negative reinforcement. They were forced to become Christians/Catholics, all because that is what the white people who came here believed was the right (and only) way to live. I will definitely admit every Native person is probably somewhat racist towards white people, but can you blame us? Not for what happened however many years ago, but how Native people are treated now. I see it everywhere, people looking down on others because they are native. I see it especially when it comes to the homeless people. Everyone sees a drunk homeless person who is white, they walk by and think “oh what a poor soul, he’s probably a veteran with PTSD,” or something along those lines. But when someone sees a drunk homeless person who is native, there’s racism & ridicule & no one would even consider helping him the way they would’ve helped the homeless man who was white. I make fun of native people, and so do lots of other Native people I know, but when it comes down to it, we will always side with each other, and NOT the persons who ridicule isn’t in good fun. She claims we are a progressive country, and we are. So when will all the racism towards Native people stop then? The fact this woman had the balls (cause I’m sure that nasty ugly bitch has them) to bring up Idle No More, left me speechless. Harper tried to play some sick shit trying to take away our rights that we have literally fought for for hundreds of years. Maybe we would be a less angry people if there weren’t all sorts of people like her around. I am a reasonable woman, we are not a 100% innocent culture, we have done wrong as well. But this woman seems to be blinded, and isn’t looking at the big picture. I don’t think she really knows what she is talking about… well, I do know she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Of course we talk about saving the environment, everyone does, that isn’t something talked about solely by Natives.

Apr 01
  • everyone: are you okay
  • everyone: you look tired
  • everyone: you look upset
  • everyone: you look confused
  • everyone: are you mad at me
  • everyone: what happened to you
  • everyone: are you sick
  • me: IT'S MY FACE
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the thing that upsets me most here is that quite a few of these sample replies show profile photos of children. These people are raising families and kids. And for those fathers with daughters,I wonder how amusing they would find it if they knew there was at least a 1 in 4 chance of their own child being sexually assaulted or raped in her own lifetime.

A real funny joke there, dads.

This is highly disturbing


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  • Uterus: oh you have a completely full day of activity??
  • Me: don't
  • Uterus: and a sleepover afterwards??
  • Me:
  • Uterus: hardly any breaks??
  • Me:
  • Uterus: wouldn't it be a shame
  • Uterus: if something were to
  • Me:
  • Uterus: happen